Review Policy

We will often base our ratings and reviews on the 4 P’s:
1. People: “Do we care?”. Development. Relationships between characters.
2. Plot: “World-building”. Story arc. “Did it hold our interest?”
3. Plausibility: Can we suspend our sense of reality while we read these and still have it make sense?
4. PEV: Pure entertainment value.

Our ratings will be based on this 5 Star scale:
*****J’adore/Nous Adorons: World-changing, we could not put it down even if we dared to try. And, we might just read it again. We would recommend it to anyone.
****Liked it: It didn’t shatter our worlds. Something held us back from that amazing moment of complete obsession, but we definitely liked it a lot. We would recommend it to our friends.
***Good enough: It was worth reading. Once. We liked it. It was good enough that we don’t regret reading it and would be willing to read others in the series.
**Meh.: We don’t want to think too much about the time we spent reading this book. It was just “fine”. Nothing special that almost gets to the point that we might regret the fact that we finished it, but we did finish it.
*Je Déteste/Nous Détestons: We couldn’t bring ourselves to finish it. We are either mad at ourselves for reading it and/or at your editor (or lack there of) for letting it leave the word doc.

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